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New Ritchey concept at NAHBS. It’s a Breakaway in carbon.  Now the pinch bolt from seat tube is absent as the extension of it goes inside the top tube - seat clamp.  Looks neater but you still have to loosen the same number of bolts!!


Apart from the ugly top tube protector it’s a rather nice dèmontable travel bike with Ritchey-esque clamp system.  I couldn’t determine the builder.

source: lfgss


Geekhouse CX bike.  Good to see handbuilt steel CX bikes with subtle rack mounts making it an ideal all-season go-anywhere bike!  Sexy seat stays too!

source:  Geekhousebikes


Colour matched frame and fork goodness…. how a road frame is retrofitted with S and S couplers.

source: Winter Bicycles photo stream


White Industries Quick Draw cranks.  These have been around at bike shows for some time now so many have seen them.  Unlike the MKS or Wellgo this concept lets you use any standard pedals to make them quick-release pedals.  The versatility is very attractive for those who want quality pedals swapped over for different shoes or riding style.  Disadvantages are their high prices and they are, in fact, only compatible with the White Industries EVO and VBC rings which are also pretty pricey and some say they are ugly old fashioned.  Otherwise they are very chic and desirable components. 

source: tree fort bikes blog


Surly Trucker Deluxe.  Surly stopped offering Traveler’s Check and now simplified (lugless) couplers on their most popular bike LHT.  Only available in 26 MTB wheel size which suit the majority of the intended users.  This particular porteur setup is neat but the rack will never ever fit the suitcase so it’s not packable in any sense.

Source: Blue Lug Photo Stream


Roberts Backpack Compact Racer.  It’s a steel and carbon bonded frame with S and S couplers.  Just full of carbon parts that I would be very hesitant to fly with this bike even packed in a hard case but the owner has been riding it very hard for a few years and still going strong….. Perhaps carrying a small piece of carbon fabric and epoxy glue would be useful when fixing minor cracks?  It sure is one of my dream bikes!!

sources: S & S, Cyclorama, and roadcyclinguk 


Stevenson Démontable.

It fashions a René Herse style clamp - sleeve system.  The sleeve and clamping areas seem tad more refined however ingress of water may occur (I bet there are drainage holes).  Handmade in Olympia, WA. 

source: Classic Cycle US


More images of Hobo.  Classic style road bike with a horizontal top tube but with modern twist (S & S coupler, bent seat stays etc). 

Source: EBS Cycle


My Ritchey Breakaway, updated.  After about 100km of test ride with Nishiki cr-mo fork the slightly fatter Michelin Dynamic Classic in 28c ground down the nether area of Centaur brake caliper.  When mounted the tyre did have some gap under the brake but when the rubber caught the mud, sand and all other abrasives it started to work on the brake.  So I put back Mizuno full carbon fork which offers a plenty of gap, I can even mount a tyre fatter than 28c.  The rear brake bridge and chainstay bridge still have enough room too. 

The Miechelin tyres which are wire beaded economy tyre but they are so well made, surprisingly light and offer a much more comfy ride on bad to extremely poor Estonian capital’s roads than Hutchinson’s foldable 23c.  They are so cheap you can have extra pairs in various sizes.

OK, now the pedals.  They are Wellgo quick release type which replaced the MKS Cube quick release SPD pedals which I originally had.  The Wellgo pair uses cleats that are KEO compatible so all sorts of accessories such as cafe cleat covers and cleats with different angles of free movement.  Note: Wellgo did not supply with the covers but a transport pouch with a draw string to fit both pedals - with an internal divider so that the pedals won’t rub against each other!!  The pedals’ tension springs are adjustable like any other road pedals and there is hardly any play around the removable shaft bit.  It clips in with a positive “click” that you can be sure the pedals won’t come loose accidentally.  Probably not recommended to wear long jeans or something that may release the knob in once in a million chances, who knows. Not as easy to catch as Shimano SPD-SL pedals but just like other LOOK KEO pedals.  You may have wondered but the answer is no, the shoes will not rub against the quick relase knobs even with the twisting motion for unclipping the shoes from the pedals.  This was a surprise to me as well.   

Source: myself!  


Anderson 4-Season Stainless.  Actually the photo series here show two different bikes (side pull caliper w/o S & S coupler vs canti - V brake boss model).  I adore this Dave Anderson’s creation.  Stainless steel frame with the killer paint job.  Stainless steel would be the ideal material for performance separable travel bikes perhaps more desirable than Ti as it can still be repaired at an auto repair shop in case of emergency.  So much attention is paid to small details for example the hardly visible solder (I personally do not like “raw” brass visible like done so on Bromptons and hipster fashion bikes) and the now very seldom stainless steel chain hanger which I wish my Ritchey was equipped with one.

His Flickr albums are very enjoyable esp. the repaint and repair sections.

source: Anderson Custom Bicycles


English Cycles FRC (Folding Road Concept) disc bike.  Because of the rear disc brake the simple and clean FRC needed to be modified a bit resulting in a more complicated looks of the rear triangle.  Still, with the cool colour scheme this is a very desirable bike that is actually for an Oscar winning film maker who will use it for a charity ride in Africa.

source: English Cycles


Davidson Randonneur.  Classic style travelling bicycle with neat pait job and chrome finish.  It is equipped with Panaracer 650B rando tyres can take mud guards. Davidson also offers other S & S coupler equipped models.

source: CycleExif


Gebla 29er.  It’s not strictly built as a separable bike however the rear frame can be detached like any other soft tail bikes so it can fall into the types of bikes I cover in this Tumblr site.  Since 29er wheels with tyres mounted on are too fat to fit inside airline legal suitcase or cardboard box or whatever packaging material used the tyres must be totally deflated or even removed from the rims for air travel.  This particular bike may also require removal of the front fork as it seems quite bulky to form the part of the separated front half of the bike….

source: Gebla